Anthony Morrison: Scams On Facebook

November 10, 2009 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Anthony Morrison on another Facebook scam: “Not so long ago there was a story on how someone jacked someone else’s Facebook account and impersonated the victim. In this scam, the scam artist post messages to all of the victim’s friends claiming that he lost his wallet and was in the UK and needed money. Then the scam artist would ask for a wire to his account”. Anthony Morrison continues: “Lately, you hear about these scams stories almost every week. The scam rate is alarmingly increasing”. Anthony Morrison adds: “But scam is not a reason to abandon social media place. This is rather a wakeup call to learn how to not trust every message, post or friend. Just like in real life; scam artists are everywhere; even in social media sites”. Anthony Morrison conclusion; “We have to learn how to stay away from scam and make the most out of our social media experience”.

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