Anthony Morrison: How to identify dangerous scams

November 12, 2009 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Scams, spam, identity theft and other kinds of frauds come in all shapes and colors. Scam is not only related to investments anymore. I have even heard about IRS, sports, celebrity scams amongst other. It seems like there is no stopping to the shape that a scam can take.  Some scams are easier to spot than others. Other scams are so elaborate and clever in their wording that they can trick almost anyone.  In all cases, we are all trying to avoid being the next scam victim.  Some known scams are “the Nigerian” scams since the subject line or content says that they are from that country.  In these scams you are told that you won the lottery, inherited a fortune or your help is needed to smuggle a large amount of money out of the country that you would then receive. All of these scams require upfront money from you. 

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